Drink-Driver Hands Himself In… Kind Of

A 49 year old drink driver has started 2015 in chaos, when he crashed his car into a police station in Cheshire at 12.20 am. Judging from the picture it was a pretty spectacular crash which will have no doubt caused quite a bang. Needless to say officers were on the scene pretty quickly, well, they were there before it was even a scene, so I guess it was like a budget version of Minority Report. If you’re going to hand yourself in for drink driving you may as well do it in style.¬†Cheshire Police tweeted the following: “Man arrested for #drinkdrive after losing control on a car park and crashing into Frodsham police station.¬† #epicfail”. Epic indeed. It’s a pretty unique looking car/van, so if you see this Used Ford Fiesta in Cheshire, maybe steer clear of it, as this driver obviously isn’t too fussed about crashing.