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A 49 year old drink driver has started 2015 in chaos, when he crashed his car into a police station in Cheshire at 12.20 am. Judging from the picture it was a pretty spectacular crash which will have no doubt caused quite a bang. Needless to say officers were on the scene pretty quickly, well, they were there before it was even a scene, so I guess it was like a budget version of Minority Report. If you’re going to hand yourself in for drink […]

Nothing would make me happier than to wake up to the smell of a burning Subaru Justy…. Maybe I should move to France, where every NYE 100’s of cars are torched. This is a piece of news that truly stunned me, not only because 940 cars being torched on the same night in the same country is mental as it is, but more because it has happened every year since 2008, and this NYE was actually an improvement on last year! According to the French […]

Google’s Driverless Car

Google have today revealed the production version of their highly anticipated driverless car. That’s right, if you didn’t know Google have developed a car that requires absolutely no human intervention with the hope that their technology could help reduce the amount of accidents on roads. The car won’t even have a steering wheel or pedals! you literally just sit in it and it takes you where you need to go. According to Google, they have been working incredibly hard since may to get what was […]

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